How to quit guitar by mistake

Quitting Guitar, Giving Up Guitar

Imagine yourself quitting guitar. Giving up on trying to get better. Eventually not playing again. You probably think this would be a decision you’d give a lot of thought to before making. Perhaps you think it’s a decision you’d never make yourself. You’re serious about learning to play or being the best player that you […]

Learning from watching the masters

Gary Moore, blues-rock guitar master

I don’t know about you, but I watch as much live footage of my guitar heroes as I possibly can. It gets me inspired and fired up to practice, and it reminds me why I play guitar and how far I still have to go. As a music fan it’s fun to watch concerts and […]

Those days when you just suck at guitar

Guitar off day suck day

Have you ever had one of those days when you pick up your guitar and for no apparent reason your playing feels WORSE than it was the day before? Suddenly you find yourself making mistakes left right and centre with things you thought you had down. Things aren’t happening, and your playing feels stale and […]