Mythbusting The Modes

Modes For Rock Guitar Players by Christy Bannerman

The Modes… The keys to the musical Ferrari. The secret knowledge of guitar virtuosos. The Holy Grail of being able to play anything you want. You’re here because you’ve heard guitar players talking about something called “Modes”, but you don’t understand what they are, how to play them, or where to use them in your […]

The myth of the self-taught rock musician

The self taught musician and other myths

Myth (noun): A widely held but false belief or idea;  A misrepresentation of the truth;  An exaggerated or idealised conception of a person or thing. Today we’re going to explore the popular belief that most rock musicians were self taught on their instruments. Is it true? Here is a classic example of the headline answer […]

Why starting guitar with chords is the STUPIDEST idea ever

Spock Illogical Guitar

Start guitar lessons with a local guitar teacher and the chances are the very first thing they’ll show you is how to play chords. Did your first experience of guitar begin with chords? I know mine did. In fact, when I started out, I went through so many months of frustration and difficulty with chords that […]